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bulletTSA History --Development of Taiwan Suzuki Association

°’The establishment of TSANPO°÷1994

°@The Taiwan Suzuki Association was founded by Mrs. Shu-Jong Lin.In December, 1994, which was registered as a corporation aggregate and approved by the government of Taiwan.

Mr.Toshio Takahashi(left3)Mr.Yoshihiko Terada(right) Dec,1994
Mr.Yoshihiko Terada(left)
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°’TSA Teacher Training°÷

°@The ISA Chair Mr. Toshio Takahashi assigned ISA violin, cello, piano and flute Teacher Trainer support TSA.


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°’TSA Concert & Teacher Training Meeting°÷-1999

°@TSA Music Festival for violin, cello, piano and flute was held in November. The ISA secretary Dr. Evelyn Hermann°@was participated as TSA special guest.

°@The first TSA teacher trainers°¶ meeting was held to establish TSA Teacher Training Eligibility Requirements, Teacher Training.Guidelines and TSA student Examination Guidelines. The meeting was witnessed by Dr. Evelyn Hermann. ISA violin, cello, piano and flute Teacher Trainers participated as counselors.


Dr.Evlyn Hermann(left2)

International Suzuki Association (ISA) CEO, Dr. Evelyn Hermann

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°’ISA Audition°÷-The 9th of April 2000

ISA assigned TSA to arrange a Teacher Audition. The audition opened to anyone who is interested in Suzuki pedagogy and is determined to be a Suzuki teacher. The members of c auditor group is leading by Ms. Hiroko Suzuki, the Chair of ISA, and the following senior teachers°G     
ISA Auditor Group:

  • Violin: Hiroko Suzuki, Chairt of ISA
  • Flute:  Toshio Takahashi, former Chair of ISA
  • Cello:  Akira Nakajima,  ISA board of director°@°@
  • Cello:  Yoshihiko Terada, TERI Cello Teacher
  • Piano:  Michi Hirata North, former chair of ISA piano committee /International Suzuki piano teacher trainer assigned by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
Ms.Hiroko Suzuki
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°’The 1st Asia Suzuki Friendship Concert in Taiwan°÷  -The 28th of August, 2000



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°’Restatement from ISA Board of Directors°÷  -January 2001 

°@The ISA (Ms.Hiroko Suzuki)held a board meeting in Tokyo on January 30. ISA reconfirmed that TSA (president Ms. Mary Ko) was the only authorized Suzuki Method Organization in Asian region except TERI.

°@ °@ °@ISA Chair Ms.Hiroko Suzuki visited Taiwan and signed the the mutual cooperation contract with the TSA president Ms. Mary Ko.

Mrs.Hiroko Suzuki (ISA president)  Ms.Mary Ko(TSA president)

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°’Ms. Hiroko Suzuki of Japan visited Taiwan to explain the matters concerned of ASA Establishment°@°@The 2nd of April 2002 

Ms.Hiroko Suzuki (left)°@The 2nd of April 2002°@°@Taiwan

°@On the 2nd of April 2002, right before the ISA meeting was arranged to be held in Matsumoto, Japan in April 6th 2002, parents of TSA students were invited by Ms. Hiroko Suzuki to participate in °ßASA Foundation Meeting°®Ms. Suzuki explained the agreements concluded by Mr. Kyung Ik Hwang and Mrs. Hiroko Suzuki two months ago. She hoped that all TSA parents could be supportive with the following five agreements.

°iAgreements set between Japan and Korea°j
1.ASA would be registered in Japan as an international corporation aggregate.
2.ASA office would be located in Japan.
3.Mr. Fujii would hold the post of ASA board director.
4.Mr. Nakamula of Australia (President of PPSA) and Ms. Suzuki of Japan (member of TERI council) would be at the position of ASA official advisors.
5. ASA membership fee from ASA member states would remit to ASA office in Japan and under the custody of ASA office in Japan.

°@ Ms. Suzuki Hiroko emphasized that she was very touched by Mr. Kyung Ik Hwang°¶s earnestly request for the establishment of ASA; Mr. Hwang was with tears in his eyes when asking the support from TERI and Ms. Suzuki Hiroko. Ms. Suzuki indicated that from now on she would assist for the fully development of ASA as an ASA advisor.

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°’Ms. Hiroko Suzuki visited Taiwan°@°@October 2002

°@ISA Chair Ms. Suzuki Hiroko made a trip to Taiwan again to meet all the TSA teachers and parents who attended the foundation meeting held on April 2002.

°@ Ms. Suzuki was really glad to meet all the TSA members and expressed her appreciation to everyone who supported the establishment of ASA. Later on, Ms. Suzuki indicated that ASA was formally acknowledged by ISA on the 6th of April 2002. However, the agreement between Korea and Japan was completely changed at the extraordinary meeting convoked by KSA Mr. Kyung Ik Hwang , TSA was not present at the meeting. Ms. Suzuki felt deeply sorry about the changed of the agreements and sincerely hoped that ASA could be developed under a democratic and open basis.

°@ In order to declare the following statements, Ms. Suzuki visited Taiwan.°@The agreement between Korea Suzuki Association and Japan was broken and scraped after ISA meeting.
°@According to Ms. Suzuki°¶s speech in Taiwan on the 3rd of April 2002, ASA was formally acknowledged by ISA on the 6th of April 2002. However, the agreement between Korea and Japan was changed at the extraordinary meeting, which TSA was not present. The conclusions were made as follows°G

°iStatements changed at the extraordinary meeting held by Korea, delivered by Ms. Suzuki Hiroko on the trip to Taiwan°j
The non-profit organization corporate registry was changed from Japan to Korea.

  1. ASA office was changed from Japan to Korea.
  2. Ms. Hiroko Suzuki was dismissed as ASA advisor, Mr. Nakamula was the only remained advisor.
  3. Mr. Fujii was removed from the position of ASA board director; the position was replaced by Mr. Jeong who was Mr. Hwang°¶s assistant.
  4. ASA member fee which was remitted to ASA office in Japan. It changed to be sent directly to Mr. Hwang, who was the President of ASA.

°įSignatures of attendant of the extraordinary meeting:
Korea: Kyung Ik Hwang, Jeong Cheol Woong
Phillippine: Carmencita Arambulo
Singapore: Robert Leon°@Yasuki Nakamura (ISA council)

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°’Letter from Ms.Hiroko Suzuki to every TSA member°@°@October 2002

Dear TSA members:

Subject: Establishment of ASA
For the establishment of ASA, I visited Taiwan on April 3, 2002. At that moment, I have received the subscribed agreement from Korea, the Philippines and Singapore of the following statements and seeking for the support and subscription from TSA members.

  1. Establishment of ASA Office in Japan as a corporative organization.
  2. .ASA Advisor: Yasuki Nakamura and Hiriko Suziki.
    ASA Office director: Isao Fujii
  3. ASA President: Hwang, Kyunp-Ik (Korea)
    ASA Vice President: Mary Ko (Taiwan)

According to above statements, ASA was established and approved by ISA after the board of Directors meeting on April 6, but the above three points were destroyed by certain ASA member right after ASA was approved. Suzuki Hiroko and Isao Fujii were unilateral dismissed from original positions.
The change was made as follows:

  1. ASA registration of a corporative organization and ASA office was moved to Korea.
    ASA President: Hwang, Kyunp-Ik (Korea)
    ASA Vice President: Mary Ko (Taiwan)
    Office Director: Jeong Cheol-Woong (Korea)
  2. The number of ASA Advisors changed to one and Yasuki Nakamura holds the position.

The above changes were unexpected and completely out of anticipation. I am indignant with the situation but I have no choice and have to inform the above facts. I am sorrow, feeling deep regret and great disappointment. Under these circumstances, I appreciate all the support of every TSA member. Thank you for putting trusts on me since the very beginning.

I sincerely hope that ASA can develop and move forward to correct direction under democracy and unselfishness. To unite Suzuki family and to seek for the happiness of the children that Dr. Suzuki highly concerned.

Meanwhile, I will also try the best with my full ability
Very truly yours,

Hiriko Suzuki

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