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Development of Taiwan Suzuki Assoication (TSA)

TSA —None Profit Organization
Taiwan Suzuki Association was directly authorized by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and approved as a formal corporation by Taiwan Ministry of Interior in 1994.

Dr. Suzuki authorized to TSA 1994:Suzuki violin, cello, piano and flute teachers who sent by ISA attended TSA Establishing CeremonyMr. Terada Yoshihiko (right) 2001:ISA and TSA signed the mutual cooperative agreement * Ms. Suzuki Hiroko

Mrs. Suzuki commended the effort TSA has made in carrying through Suzuki method and expressed her highly support to TSA.
Mrs. Suzuki (right) Ms. Mary Ko (left) Ms. Suzuki Hiroko(back) .
2001 Asia Suzuki Friendship Concert (Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall)

Dec. 2002:ASA Advisor Mr. Yasuki Nakamura visited Taiwan to explain the mediation between Korea and Japan and the details about Korea unilaterally repudiated and reset ASA agreement in August Korea temporary conference. The change includes to relocate ASA headquarter in Korea instead of Japan. Mr. Nakamura emphasized that in order to prevent from dictatorship,  ASA president’s term of service is two years and cannot be renewed. The first ASA President would be taken up by Korea until July 2004. Mr. Nakamura sincerely wish TSA could trust ASA and join the group.


TSA teacher training audition TSA hosts 2004 The Second Asia Suzuki Conference (Novel hall/Taipei) 2004: TSA invited Dr. Nakajima (current president of TERI) to attend Taiwan International Suzuki Conference   Ms. Mary Ko, TSA representative (left) Dr. Nakajima (right)

Teacher Training

International teacher trainer meeting (piano, violin, cello and flute)Ms. Suzuki Hiroko (right 2) Mrs. Michi HirataNorth (left 2)

Mr. Terada Yoshihiko (middle)

Ms. Julia Breen ( right 2)

SAA, ESA flute teacher trainer, TSA flute advisor Mr. David Gerry (right)
Dec. 2008 (TSA headquarter)


Japan Suzuki Grand Concert

Suzuki Open Seminars at universities

TSA Children Concerto Festival

TSA friendship Concert (ZhongShan Hall)

TSA graduation

TSA teacher audition