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1.TSA Violin Piano Cello Fulte Audition”@(April 9th ,2000)
2. TSA Violin Piano Cello Flute Audition”@”@(Dec 24~25 ,2006)
3. TSA Violin Piano Cello Flute Audition”@”@(August 2007)
4. TSA International Friendship Concert”@CHINA”@ (Jun 19&20 2010)
tt TSA Violin Piano Cello Flute Audition
(April 9th ,2000)

”@To qualify as a Participant in teacher training courses, an accepted audition permits is required. The examine group is leading by ISA president Ms.Hiroko Suzuki and ISA committee members. The name of examiners are listed below”G

Violin: Hiroko Suzuki
president of ISA

Flute: Toshio Takahashi
former president of ISA

Cello: Akira Nakajima
ISA committee member

Piano: Michi Hirata North
former president of ISA piano instrument committee
Suzuki piano teacher trainer assigned by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Hiroko Suzuki (President of ISA)”@Taipei / April 9th ,2000

right 1 Akira Nalkajima(CELLO)”@Taipei / April 9th ,2000
right 2 Toshio Takahashi(FLUTE)
right 4 Michi Hirata North(PIANO)
right 5 Hiroko Suzuki(VIOLIN)

Asia Suzuki Friendship Concert (Taipei / Aug,2001)
Mrs.Carmencita G Arambulo with Taiwan Suzuki Student
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tt TSA Violin Piano Cello Flute Audition”@”@
(Dec 24~25 ,2006)

TSA Teacher Training Committee


Mary Ko
Yoshihiko Terada
ShuRong Lin
Ivy Huang
Hiroshi Tanioku
Ailin Chang
(Piano/ Presidenet of TSA)
(Cello/ TSA Honorary Adviser)
(Piano/TSA TSA Emeritus President)
(Flute/ TSA Vice Secretary General)
(Flute/ Former TERI Flute Instructor)
(Violin/TSA Violin Instructor)
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tt TSA Violin Piano Cello Flute Audition”@
(August 2007)
TSA Teacher Training Committee
Michi Hirata North(Piano)”@front row left 2
Yoshihiko Terada(Cello)”@front row right 1
Hiroshi Tanioku(Flute)”@front row right 2

TSA Audition”@August 2007
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tt TSA International Friendship Concert CHINA
Dates: June 19, 2010/ June 20, 2010

Instructors: Mary Ko (Piano), Yu-Ying Niu (Piano), Yi-Ping Huang (Flute), Ai-Lin Chang (Violin), Yen-Ju Lee (Violin), Yi-Fong Chen (Violin), Franc Lin (Violin), Yi-Shan Lin (Cello) Ya-Lin Wong (Cello)
Concert Advisors: Michi Hirata North (Piano), Yoshihiko Terada(Cello), Ai-Lin Chang (Violin)

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